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Production Workshop

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    With floor area of more than 1500 Square meters, the workshop is staffed with 70 workers who have 2-5 years experiences.

  • A typical monthly capacity is 500 sets of aesthetic equipment of laser series, V-shaped series, and photon series. We make debugging and assembly in the plants. Equipment such as Oscilloscope, Leakage Meter, Energy Meter helps to ensure good quality.

    We make cleaning and checking on the appearance of our aesthetic machines to ensure it's qualified before packaging. As finished products are sent to the packaging line, it is placed in a double layer packaging box lined with soft EPE material. The box is then sent to a flight case made of aluminum composite to ensure safe transportation.

    Voltage test is the safety test of our cosmetic products. Users will be protected if the voltage is within safety requirement.

    Photon Products Debugging
    1 hour debugging and checking can ensure compact installation inside cosmetic machine. Workers check the cosmetic machine with energy meter to see if the output energy is in accordance with standard. More than 80% of our products are qualified and the disqualified need to be assembled and tested again.

    Photon Devices Assembly
    We buy all components from top producers in China. Separated modules are assembled together. The core part is pulse laser power supply which can output 10kv voltage.

    Vacuum Device Test
    By watching the technology parameters on the smart equipment screen and comparing it to the standard ones, we will know if all parts perform well. Various tests such as vacuum test and ultrasonic wave, RF and massage function test are taken to make sure good performance of all our products.

    Our client has ordered 40 sets of V8C3 slimming machines for fat reduction. Sparing no efforts, our staffs accomplished the assembly of the Slimming machine in high efficiency.

Aging Test Room

    It is a more than 130 square meters room where aging test on 40 big-sized equipment and 20 small-sized ones is made. We make aging test mainly on our finished products, core components in 8 continued hours' operation to find and solve main problems of our machine.


    The storeroom is a two-floor building with 1300 square meters. The whole warehouse holds inventory of more than 4000 equipment including xenon lamp, IPG Fiber Laser, etc.

    ERP software is used to provide a one-step inventory management solution, allowing us to maintain the efficiency of material procurement and later manufacturing. Then we can make plans on material purchasing and production.

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