Suitable for 6 skin types, the A6F-1 series has two hand pieces with 10*15mm、50*15mm flash. The 2500W power supply and 2000W light source make it possible for the entire system run smoothly, delivering consistent light power.

    The oxygen jet peel delivers 50μm micro droplets by pressurized air on the surface of skin in 200m/s speed, in a soothing and cool manner to effectively unclog pores and hydrate the skin.

    The SMAS RF Shaper uses three different radio frequencies to deliver RF energy directly to the superficial facial layer (SMAS) for tightening and lifting of sagging skin to restore a smooth skinned appearance.

    This high-end hair removal system uses intense pulsed light for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. It provides 6 different wavelengths and is easy to carry around due to its small size.

    Dual motors are designed to support double-acting and double-speed operation.

    The 6-in-1 Ultrasonic Liposuction Vacuum Cavitation Slimming Machine,namely with technology of negative pressure, skin folding, 40KHz ultrasound, bipolar radio frequency, 940mm near-IR light and variable speed mechanical roller, can perform whole body treatments to remove stubborn body fat, tighten sagging skin and remove wrinkles.

    The diode laser hair removal system uses an 808nm diode laser and dual-pulse heating technology to destroy hair follicles and permanently remove unwanted body and facial hair.

    Combing 40KHZ ultrasound and RF technology into an integrated slimming machine, the EBOX-C has various functions such as blasting fat, whole body skin tightening and shaping as well as removing dark circles and wrinkles on face.

    The VACA Shape cosmetic machine uses a 40Hz medium-intensity focused ultrasound to remove unwanted fat. Our patented 1MHz focused ultrasound technology can offer you a safe and effective cellulite reduction treatment.

    This cryolipolysis slimming machine uses FDA approved technology that allows for a 23% reduction in the fat layer in a single treatment. During the therapy, you can also try to experience other cosmetic machines to save your time.

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