Production and Inspection

Shown here is our production workshop, which is outfitted with multiple product lines, including the laser series, V-shaped series, photon series and radio frequency series. A typical monthly capacity is 500 sets of med-aesthetic equipment. We source only the best in electric elements and components, and use a modular assembly process to put the machines together. Semi-finished products undergo a series of strict tests, including a voltage test, negative pressure test, and ultrasonic test. Immediately after testing, the machine is placed in an aging room where it runs continuously for 8 hours in order to stabilize critical components and ensure the machine functions correctly.

As the finished product is sent to the packaging line, it is placed in a double layer packaging box lined with soft EPE material. The box is then sent to a flight case made of aluminum composite to ensure safe transfer. This is our finished products warehouse, where more than 4,000 different materials are kept in stock. ERP software is used to provide a one-step inventory management solution, allowing us to maintain the efficiency of material procurement and later manufacturing. This leads to a faster delivery time for the customer.

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